Project Spotlight

Quicken Loans Qzine

Albert Kahn – Original Architect (1959)
313 202 7000

Interior Design Firm
Rossetti Architects
313 463 5151
Kelly Deines, IIDA

General Contractor
Sacshe Construction
248 647 4200

Hedrich Blessing Ltd.
312 491 1101

Quicken Loans purchased this historic 1960s building, located in an activated urban core, to house its young and growing workforce. This fourteen-floor, 500,000 SF building is the largest training and call center for 1,500 employees. The client’s vibrant corporate culture, combined with the densely populated space and intense nature of the work challenged the design team to create a highly motivated and upbeat workplace environment. The design team chose intense graphics and neon colors, personified by the video gaming culture, as the building’s overarching design theme.

Boisterous colors flow into the cafeteria from the rest of the building. Furniture and fixtures pay homage to the building’s mid-Century modern roots. The design, palette and materials further enhance each zone and vignette. Floor patterns, wall coverings and even artificial turf were chosen to define and coordinate each themed space.

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