Project Spotlight

Oakwood Heritage Hospital

Design and Architecture
Hobbs + Black Associates, Inc.
517 484 4870

General Contractor
313 442 1432

Barking Dog Studios
248 310 0233

Oakwood Heritage Hospital sought to construct a new orthopedic bone and joint institute hospital addition inspired by a similar renovation/expansion at another one of their locations. The facility provides diagnostics, surgical and non surgical treatment, rehabilitation and research alongside the long established existing hospital. An emphasis on hospitality was put into the design of the facility, with a skilled interior design team bringing a unique, soothing, and family engaging atmosphere to life at the Bone and Joint Institute.

The Interior Designers worked hard to create a beautiful and calming environment in light of these challenges. Special attention was given to the design of the entryway vestibule, which uses light, glass, and high end fixtures to improve visibility of the entrance and to establish an immediately welcoming environment. Hospitality is emphasized with glass mosaic tiling, lounge furniture, and decorative lighting along with wood paneling to add warmth and relaxation to the visual experience. Durability and infection control were high priorities in the facility’s interior design. Anti-microbial cubicle curtains were used. Wipeable fabrics such as vinyls and cryptons were selected for easy, bleach safe cleaning. Metal edging was applied to tile nurses stations for increased durability, as well as strategically placed wall protection.

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